Studio Photography

Still-Life Advertising Photography


I produce classic high-quality and well-lit still-life advertising photography on a background of your choice. Please do look on Pinterest or do a Google search for images that you would like to emulate. I can also shoot lifestyle images – pictures made to tell a story in an inspiring setting. I can shoot on location or some shots can be done in the studio.


There are two ways to do studio still-life images. 1. Send the products to me with a budget and simple instructions and I will get on and see what I think looks best. Or, 2. You are welcome to come in and set up the shot if you have experience of art direction and want to control how the images will look. I will light them and shoot them.


My pricing for still-life photography is £90 per hour or you can set your own budget. See “About” section in the headings above or enquire for more details.