Commercial Photography Services


I shoot many images for websites, but do let me know if you want them a particular size. Shot as cut outs or on flat white formica with a beautiful soft shadow or any background you choose. They are colour balanced and sharpened for size. Send examples you want to emulate. £70 per hour, or set your own budget, not to be exceeded.


A very high quality Cut-Out shot on translucent acrylic background for a nice crisp contrasty edge. A pure white shadowless background is added. Very sharp, colour balanced and retouched images. £70 per hour, or set your own budget, not to be exceeded.

Still-Life Photography

Classic high quality well lit Still-Life Photography on a background of your choice. £70 per hour, or set your own budget, not to be exceeded. Please do look on Pinterest or do a Google search for images that you would like to emulate.


Pictures made to tell a story in a home, office or shop environment. Also I make images on reflective white or black perspex, which gives a light or strong reflection of products, correspondingly. See pictures in galleries above. £70 per hour, or set your own budget, not to be exceeded.


You want to shoot your own images, but need a little help with the lighting and editing. Brilliant idea, so come down to the studio for a starter two hour session. Bring some of your own products with you. Bring your own camera and lights if you have them or use mine. It is well worth it and you will learn a great deal! 2 hours = £140 Payable on the day.


To shoot say 7 simple products, against a pure white background with or without a reflection, takes about 2 hours including computer time, so that would total £140. To shoot more variations or more complex images, then of course I am totally honest and also generous with my time. You can set a maximum price for your peace of mind.


I work with advertising, editorial and corporate companies. I am also a stock contributor to Alamy and Getty images.

My clients include well known magazines and brands and I undertake studio commissions from local and national companies. Pictures Of Things describes what I photograph. I am a product photographer. I have been in business for 33 years and love what I do.

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Pictures Of Things is a commercial product photography studio. I make the things you sell, as attractive as possible. Composition, beautiful lighting and careful use of Adobe Photoshop are components of every shoot. I shoot most items the day I receive them, so availability is never an issue.

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