Ecommerce Product Photography Sussex

I produce high-quality eCommerce product photography in Sussex for a variety of uses including websites, advertisements and brochures. See images below for examples of my work.


These types of images can be called cut outs, pack shots or just white background images and they can be as a standing object or a flat laid object. In other words, they are photographed from front on, or overhead. There is a world of difference between a well thought out and constructed image and a snap on a white background. I only do quality cut outs, where I put a great deal of thought and care to produce the perfect picture. I tend to shoot against pure white backlit acrylic sheeting, with a gentle reflection. Very sharp, colour balanced and retouched images.


I offer two ways to do cut out images. Either: 1. Deliver the products to me with some simple instructions and a set budget and leave me to do whatever I think looks best. Many people are happy just to leave me to it. Or, 2. If you do have experience of art direction and want to control exactly how the images look, then you are most welcome to come to set up each shot. I will light them and shoot them.


My pricing for eCommerce product photography is £90 per hour or set your own budget. For budgeting only, allow for £25 per image. Contact me for more details. I also hire out my studio to professional videographers and filmmakers.

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