About Pictures of Things

One of the questions I get asked most is “how many photos will I receive for an hour’s work.”  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as there are many factors to take into account.  It really depends on the item itself and what it is made of, whether there are backgrounds to set up, what angles you want, if it needs putting together prior to photography and so the list can go on.  It is best for us to have a conversation to thoroughly discuss the photographs you are after and also email me a phone snap of each angle you want.

Please call to discuss further.     Hugh    07941 686 791

Product photography has always been a great joy to me and I want my clients to really enjoy receiving their photographs. Communication is the key to it all. When you see a really good studio image, you know the photographer put all their experience and knowledge into it.

Setting up backgrounds0%
Composition, lighting and photography0%
Post production and retouching0%




Hugh Threlfall in 2019, nice hard lighting but heavier jowles and bigger ears!


Me Again in 2014 with horrid beard but nice soft lighting. Parting has swapped directions!

Product Photographer