About Pictures of Things

The first thing I try to establish is what a client wants. Have you seen a photo that you really like and want to replicate the style? Then we might discuss composition or the type of background to be used in the studio. Are you looking for dramatic angles and lighting or are you after a slick, brightly lit shot?


Please feel free to email me a written brief or call to discuss your photographic requirements. Product photography has always been a great joy to me and I want my clients to really enjoy receiving their photographs. Communication is the key to it all. When you see a really good studio image, you know the photographer put all their experience and knowledge into it.

Setting up backgrounds0%
Composition, lighting and photography0%
Post production and retouching0%




Hugh Threlfall in 2019, nice hard lighting but heavier jowles and bigger ears!


Me Again in 2014 with horrid beard but nice soft lighting. Parting has swapped directions!

Product Photographer